Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Harry Potter played in this one. He was really good in it. I give it a 9. It was spooky, but good.


You could watch it in 3D or just plain Journey 2. The magnificent scenery in this was just out of this world. Go see it. It was outstanding. I didn't see it in 3D, but the scenery was just beautiful. It was about a grandpa who left many, many years ago and never returned. His family went to go find him and found him on this island. Disney must have made it. It looked like a Disney movie.


You know, George Clooney got an Academy Award for that, I think. I gave it a 9 1/2. It happened in Hawaii. There was a boating accident and his wife was in a coma. It was good. I don't know if the kids would like it that much, it was a grown up picture. George Clooney played a good role in it. He deserved the Academy Award.


This was a great movie. Don't take the kids, there was bad language in it. Liam Nelson is in it. They came down in a plane and they were stranded out in the middle of nowhere. The grey wolves got them. All you could see was their eyes shining. Liam Nelson played a real good part in it. It was really something. I gave it a 10 1/2. It was really good.

Monday, August 01, 2011


It's great for kids. It just didn't do nothing for me. I'd like to see the Smurfs. Now that looks cute!


DON'T take the kids. Please, don't take the kids! You'd be surprised at what people will take young kids to today! [note from Dawn: Granny has been taking me to rated R movies since I was 5.] It was funny, but they used words in Horrible Bosses that curled your hair. Grown ups should go see it. It was funny. A couple of them got together and were going to kill their bosses. They were promised high positions and they never got them, so they were going to kill the bosses. One boss killed his wife's lover. But Awful Bosses was full of dirty language. I'll give it an 8.


Captain American was so good. That was really good. You can take the kids. There was nothing vulgar in it. I never saw that kid in anything before this. He was scrawny and he couldn't pass the physical. This professor took him over and when he came out of that machine, he was 6 ft tall and he had muscles that wouldn't quit! It was an action packed movie. It was great! I give it a 10.


Oh, that was funny! They had apes and all kinds of animals on it. That guy used to play on TV. Oh he was something else! Go see it. Or rent it, because it was something else!


I don't really remember it. It was probably worth an 8 1/2.


This was great. Take the kids. They would love it. I liked the truck. He was cool. It was a funny movie. You should see it.


It was great. I think this is the second Hangover movie. Those guys are hilarious. They are a bunch of drunks! They do stupid things. It was funny. Go see it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Oh God, you have got to go see it! Oh my god, was it good. It was outstanding. It's one of the best movies he's [Johnny Depp] made about the Caribbean! He was SO good. I went to see it without 3D. Johnny Depp cracks me up. He's so sissified! He had mascara on his eyes and pencil on his eyes. He was so funny looking. He is really good. He outdid himself in this one. Penelope Cruz is really good. She's pretty too. I give it a 10.

Monday, May 16, 2011


It was good. It was really good. Sheila didn't go with me. She didn't feel good. I went by myself. Thor was a king from another planet. His father was dying. He had a brother, a half brother. Well, he wasn't really his brother. I don't know how he got there, but he was supposed to be his brother. But thor was supposed to be king. There was a lot of fighting and carrying on, and everything. It was just a good movie. You've got to go see it to appreciate it. I'd never seen the kid play before but he did good job.


It is about the mother lions, and the mothers of the little babies and how they train them how to live when the mothers are gone. It is a documentary. It was really good. And those little lions played so cute. They had all kind of animals in it. From winter to summer, they'd go to different places to stay. This one cat had four little ones. Then something got one. Then she had three. It was a good movie.


That was a good movie. Reese Witherspoon played in that. I enjoyed it. It's kind of like a love story. It had an old elephant in it and everything.


That was great. That was with...oh what's his name. He's had one of these movies before. Vin Diesel! It was about driving. Oh God. They had women in there that could really drive. They drove like maniacs! They took cars off of trains, you should have seen it! I mean, it's really good. You rooted for the bad guys. It was really good. I give it a 9.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This was wonderful. It was one the best movies I have seen in a long time. She was just this young girl who lived with this man who she thought was her father. Evidently he wasn't. They lived in the woods. He taught her how to shoot, kill animals, do what men do. You know, so she could take care of herself. He taught her well. Then they moved to the city. They got separated. People were after her and she kept eluding them. This one woman was after her, I think she was in the C.I.A.. She got tied up with this one family in a caravan. You've just got to go see it to appreciate it. It was thrilling. It kept you on the edge of your seat. It was really, really good.

Friday, April 08, 2011


This movie was awful! It didn't make no damn sense what-so-ever. The guy was already dead and he was doing all this stuff on the train. And he was already dead! And when you did see him, he was half cut in two. It was just stupid. I guess he was in formaldehyde. It was just his head and torso, yet he was doing all this stuff on this train. Does that make sense to you? NO! It didn't make sense to me either! It was just stupid, it was just like that Black Swan. And that won the Academy Award! I didn't think she was that great of an actress. You know I wouldn't lie to you.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


It was the awfullest movie I've ever seen! I almost upchucked, it was that bad. They had this girl who was a dancer who went down on this other girl who was a dancer; I almost got sick to my stomach. They said it was good, but it wasn't. It's weird. It's about a dancer who is weird. She lives with her mother who is weird. It's just weird. I'd give it a 0! That's what I give it. Because that's what it deserves.


That is with Angeline Jolene and Johnny Depp. It was good. It was pretty good. It was kind of active. It was just a love story. He had a broken heart and he met her on the train. I give it an 8 1/2. I thought it was pretty good. She has been pretty good lately. Usually, I don't like her. There was nothing vulgar in it. Not like in that Black Swan.


That was a good movie. It had Mark Wahlberg in it. Mickey Ward played in it. He's an Irish. It was funny in places. It was very good. I would give it an 8 1/2. I guess he had quit for a while and he went back to fighting to make a living. It was pretty gruesome in some places where they beat the heck out of each other, but it was a fighter movie, you know. I liked it. He came out on top.


You have got to go see it. If the little girl who plays in it doesn't get an academy award, nobody deserves it! I had never seen her play before, but she was really good. She had her acting down pat. She was marvellous. Nobody can compare to John Wayne, but it was a good movie. But, of course, you know, I like John Wayne. I give it a 9. I thought it was that good! Jeff Bridges was in it. Of course, he's no John Wayne.


Oh it was great! It was one of his best. Everybody is dying to see the next one. It was a typical Harry Potter movie. It was going up to the last chapter. They are trying to get ready for Voldemort. I give it a 9 1/2.


Now THAT was wonderful. Those kids have really grown up. And the end of it was just beautiful. The big lion was standing out at the sea and it opened up and let the kids go home. It was beautiful. I can't believe how much those kids have grown up! I give that one a 9 1/2. It kept you on the edge of your seat. It was really good.


It had Angeline Jolene in it. Do you know she did all her own acting in that? She did it herself! No stand-ins came in for her. It was a great movie. It had a lot of stunts. I give it an 8 1/2.