Wednesday, April 26, 2006


This is an animated story about a lion and his son. The kids will love it. It had cute parts in it. It's about a lion and his little cub. They lived in New York and the cub got shipped back to Africa or somewhere over there. The kids will love it. I enjoyed it.


Michael Douglas plays in this one. And the guy who plays Jack Bauer on "24". It's a good movie. It's about the government. You don't know who the bad guy is until the end. You have suspicions, but you are wrong. It was exciting, interesting, and kept you going the whole time.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Oh God, you've got to go see this movie! It's funnier than it was the first time. The kids will just love it. There are new charachters. There's a snaggle tooth tiger in it, and a hairy mammoth (you know, from the old days). It was so cute. It was adorable. You've got to go see it. That squirrel is so funny.


It's Sleven. Not eleven, not seven. Bruce Willis plays in this one. There is a new kid, Josh Hartnett in it, too. He plays a bigger part than Bruce Willis. He's great. It's a mystery-like thing. It's suspenseful, ends well. It's good.