Monday, March 27, 2006


This was a kooky movie. You couldn't keep up with it. It wasn't your regular heist movie. They didn't even take the money! You'll have to see it to know what they did take. I wouldn't go see it again.


This movie was so funny I thought I would fall out of my seat! Terry Bradshaw is in it. And he has a Naked Room. They show him feeding the fish stark-assed naked! I thought I would crack up! They just showed his butt, you know. Oh and Jennifer Parker is great in it too. This is a great romantic comedy.


This has Bruce Willis in it. You know how arrogant he usually is in his movies? Well, I think he's trying to make a comeback, because he really ACTED in this one. His acting is great. I'd give this one a 9 1/2.


God this is a wonderful movie! The dogs were exceptional. It's got funny parts, scary parts--it's got everything. Those dogs really looked after each other. It was a great movie. Sheila enjoyed it too. I would give it a 10.