Tuesday, November 13, 2007


It was good. It was very, very long. This is a true story about a boy who took his possessions and went to live in the wilderness. His mother and father never payed any attention to him. His mom was a real nice person. But they had him out of wedlock. It was hard on him. So he went to Alaska to live. He lived in a bus, and he'd take off from there. He went down the rapids to Mexico. He finally starved to death. They found his body on the bus. At least I think that's where they found his body. I had to leave to get to dinner. It was a very long movie. There was an old man who wanted to adopt him, cause he didn't have any family either. But he decided to go to Alaska. He'd hunt for food and it got so scarce, and he ate wild berries. He had a book to tell him which berries to eat. And he didn't know what he was doing, and he poisoned himself. He died in the wilds alone. So what did he gain? Nothing. He just made his family unhappy.


That was the worst damn movie I've ever seen. Everyone thought he was a hero. That he robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. And I'll tell you what, Jesse James was just for Jesse James--not for anyone else. Casey Affleck played Robert Ford and he wanted to be part of the gang, but then he found out what for kind of killer Jesse James was. He shot him. Jesse James was no hero. This was the worst movie I've ever seen.


It was good. I tell you what, he was a dope smuggler and he got his dope from the Viet Cong and they paid the American boys to smuggle it on the plane. And they brought it back in the coffins of the boys. I didn't like that. It turned me off. I couldn't believe that they did something like that and showed it in a movie. Denzel Washington was good. He took over harlem. Russel Crowe was good. It's a good movie, but I just didn't like what they did with the dope.


George Clooney was great. It is a real mind boggler. You can't miss a thing, or you miss everything. It is back lived, all that crap. It just wasn't my kind of a movie. I thought with George
Clooney it would be good, but it wasn't my kind of movie. Unless you like that kind of mind boggler, which some people do. I can't keep up. I give it a 6. I didn't think it was that good.


Eh. I really didn't like it. Jamie Foxx played in it. Jennifer Gordon was good as always. I wouldn't rent it and I wouldn't go see it again. I give it a 61/2. I just didn't care for it.


It was okay. It was about the Russian mafia. I don't like the Russian mafia, so you know. There was a lot of action. It was...eh. It was a real thriller. Naomi Watts played in it. She was a London midwife. It's not for children.


This one stars Jody Foster. Her boyfriend gets killed and she gets revenge. They were walking hand in hand through central park and these thugs jumped out and killed him. She gets revenge all right. I give
it a 9. She did her thing. She taught them their lesson.


It was a great movie. It had everything-- a lot of laughter,
a lot of sadness. You'll love it. I give it a nine. It stars Duane "The Rock" Johson. He was great. The kids would like it. His daughter was adorable. She suddenly came to his door and it turned his whole world around. And would you believe, all those football palyers and there wasn't a bad word in that movie! Can you believe it?