Thursday, December 20, 2007


It was good movie. It was with Will Smith. His little girl played in it. It's a good movie, but it's not for kids. Some lady thought she invented a cure for cancer, and everybody took it and died-except Will Smith. The people that did live, turned into monsters. I mean, real monsters! I give it a 8 1/2. It was good, you know, but not for kids.


I loved it. I loved the bears! It is a fairy tale, but, oh is it good. And they left it open so they could make another picture. They had big bears in it. The bears fought. Dakota Blue Richards is in it. She's practically a teenager now. She's a good actress. And Nicole Kidman is in it too. Some people were upset about the movie because of something about the religion, but I didn't see anything wrong with it. It's a fairy tale! I give it a 9.


I thought it was a real good movie! It had a good story and really kept you on the edge of your seat. I give it a 9. It has Josh Brolin in it and Tommy Lee Jones. It was good. Go see it.


It was good. I give it a 7 1/2. It was okay. It was kind of an animated thing. Angelene Jolene plays in it. It was animated, but she looks real. I thought it was real, but it was animated. Boy are they good at that stuff anymore.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


It was good. It was very, very long. This is a true story about a boy who took his possessions and went to live in the wilderness. His mother and father never payed any attention to him. His mom was a real nice person. But they had him out of wedlock. It was hard on him. So he went to Alaska to live. He lived in a bus, and he'd take off from there. He went down the rapids to Mexico. He finally starved to death. They found his body on the bus. At least I think that's where they found his body. I had to leave to get to dinner. It was a very long movie. There was an old man who wanted to adopt him, cause he didn't have any family either. But he decided to go to Alaska. He'd hunt for food and it got so scarce, and he ate wild berries. He had a book to tell him which berries to eat. And he didn't know what he was doing, and he poisoned himself. He died in the wilds alone. So what did he gain? Nothing. He just made his family unhappy.


That was the worst damn movie I've ever seen. Everyone thought he was a hero. That he robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. And I'll tell you what, Jesse James was just for Jesse James--not for anyone else. Casey Affleck played Robert Ford and he wanted to be part of the gang, but then he found out what for kind of killer Jesse James was. He shot him. Jesse James was no hero. This was the worst movie I've ever seen.


It was good. I tell you what, he was a dope smuggler and he got his dope from the Viet Cong and they paid the American boys to smuggle it on the plane. And they brought it back in the coffins of the boys. I didn't like that. It turned me off. I couldn't believe that they did something like that and showed it in a movie. Denzel Washington was good. He took over harlem. Russel Crowe was good. It's a good movie, but I just didn't like what they did with the dope.


George Clooney was great. It is a real mind boggler. You can't miss a thing, or you miss everything. It is back lived, all that crap. It just wasn't my kind of a movie. I thought with George
Clooney it would be good, but it wasn't my kind of movie. Unless you like that kind of mind boggler, which some people do. I can't keep up. I give it a 6. I didn't think it was that good.


Eh. I really didn't like it. Jamie Foxx played in it. Jennifer Gordon was good as always. I wouldn't rent it and I wouldn't go see it again. I give it a 61/2. I just didn't care for it.


It was okay. It was about the Russian mafia. I don't like the Russian mafia, so you know. There was a lot of action. It It was a real thriller. Naomi Watts played in it. She was a London midwife. It's not for children.


This one stars Jody Foster. Her boyfriend gets killed and she gets revenge. They were walking hand in hand through central park and these thugs jumped out and killed him. She gets revenge all right. I give
it a 9. She did her thing. She taught them their lesson.


It was a great movie. It had everything-- a lot of laughter,
a lot of sadness. You'll love it. I give it a nine. It stars Duane "The Rock" Johson. He was great. The kids would like it. His daughter was adorable. She suddenly came to his door and it turned his whole world around. And would you believe, all those football palyers and there wasn't a bad word in that movie! Can you believe it?

Monday, September 17, 2007


Another flop. Don't go see it. Lots of action with dragons, but it just wasn't up to par. Don't take the kids, it would give them nightmares. I give it a 5. There was a lot of violence.


This was with Kevin Bacon and Kelly Preston. It had lots of violence. Don't take the kids. It was real violent with lots of killing. It was awful. I give it a 7 1/2.


Did you know that happened here in Arkansas (in Harrison) in 1870 or 1885? People on a wagon train, going through there, were killed. 120 of them. Brigham Young, he was a bigamist you know. You know he ONLY HAD 28 wives. They run him out of Missouri. He decided to get revenge. He decided to get the Indians to start the killing, but the Indians quit. It was a real good historical movie. But gory. Don't take the kids. There's a statue in Harrison. I give it an 8 1/2.

3:10 TO YUMA

Russell Crowe played a marvelous part in this one. And I don't like Russell Crowe! He's a prisoner being taken to Yuma prison. All kind of cowboy stuff happens. You can't tell if he's a bad guy or a good guy, because he can be good when he wants to be. Christian Blade is in it. She was good too. I give it a 9 1/2. It was really good!


I would rent this one instead of going to see it in the theater. It was funny and a little bit exciting. It was a fairy tale thing. I can't remember much about the story. Robert De Niro was good. I give it an 8.

Friday, September 07, 2007


This stars Catherine Zeta-Jones and Abigail Breslin. It will tear at your heart. It will make you laugh. It was really a great story. Go see it.


This was a cute movie. And funny. If you want to see something light-hearted, go see it. He changed his clothes like Superman. The beagle was great.


Don't even rent this one! This was the stupidest damn movie I've ever seen. It was about people from outer space. You couldn't tell who was who. Nicole Kidman was great. And the other little guy. But it was a dumb movie. I hate a dumb movie. I give it a 5.


I give this one a 9. It was pretty good. Lots of action and suspense. I think it was the best one they have put out. Lots of action.


This was goofy. Stupid too. It's about a kid trying to jump over 10 buses. It was just a dumb movie. I give it a 5.


This is a good one. It stars Chris Tucker and the Chinese guy, Jackie Chan. They go into this place and Chris Tucker says, "I'll take the girls." He pretends to be their new designer and walks into their dressing room and tells them to take their clothes off. And they took off all their clothes! I nearly fell off my seat. They are really kooky. I liked it. I give it an 8 1/2. I could have given it a 9.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


It was fantastic! Go see it. We all enjoyed it-me, your mom, your dad, Sheila. The kids are growing up. They had some bitchy little woman who took over Hogwarts, and she just thought she was the best thing that ever was. You really wanted to kill her. She finally got her dues in the end. It was really good. Guess who was in it a lot? The redheaded kids-- the twins-- they were in it a lot. And their sister. She's really grown up, and the boys must have been 18. They are little schemers. Them boys are something else. I'm looking forward to seeing the next two.


This one stars John Travolta and Queen Latifa. The heavy set young girl who they got to play John Travolta's daughter (John Travolta was dressed up as a woman), she was a really good actress. They had John Travolta made up so cute. It was about the blacks. They wouldn't let the blacks participate. They finally let the blacks in. It really let you see what they went through. Some of them could really sing, and they surely could dance. I really wanted to see John Travolta. You couldn't tell he wasn't a woman. He even danced. You have to like a musical. If you don't like a musical, don't go see it. It was music from the beginning to the end. This was something else. Even when the credits were rolling, there was music. It was good. I give it an 8.


I went to see Ratolly. Oh god this was cute! I thought it was a kid's movie, but it wasn't. I think kids would get bored. It was a cute animation, and how they did some of that stuff, I'll never know. It took place in a French restaurant, and you can imagine how that went. It was supposed to be a famous chef who owned it. They threw him out because he got a bad rating, and it put him out of business. The crooks took over, and that's when the rats took over. This rat got up in his hat, when he wanted him to do something, he'd pull his hair. He almost got caught. His whole family lived in the sewer in Paris. I had no idea there were so many rats in Paris.


I went to see this and I thought, 'What am I doing in here? This is a kid's movie." But you can't imagine what they did with transforming themselves! It was great. I thought it would be fore the younger kids, but it wasn't. It was good. I really enjoyed it. I give it a 9.


This was a great movie. Bruce Willis was great, but that kid who played with him was really great. I don't think I've ever seen him play in anything before. It was one of the best 'Die Hard's they've ever made. I give it a a 9 1/2. It has a lot of action. Really great. Me and Sheila both loved it.


It was a good movie. It had Meryl Streep and Toni Collete. I give it an 8 1/2. This movie is intense, especially if you don't follow it completely. You can't look away. It was about reliving her life as a young girl. She was dying. You had to stay with it or you didn't know where you were at. Vanessa Redgrave was good in it. I enjoyed it.


-Oh God, that was good! I'm sitting there thinking, 'How did they get all those animals to do that stuff?' They had them doing all kinds of stuff--marching in two by two. That just blew my mind! Steve Carell was great. He's coming out with a new movie. Max Smart. I thought this one was really great. I give it a 10.


Kerri Russel was a waitress in this one. Jeremy Sisto played her husband. He was a real jerk. It was funny. It was a good movie. I gave it an 8 1/2.

Monday, July 02, 2007


This was worse than trash. Kevin Costner is in it. It was the dumbest thing I've ever seen. He was a killer, yet he was a big businessman. There was a guy who was dead, but he was in the car with him. I guess I didn't get it. I didn't make any sense.


If you want to see a good movie, wait until this one comes out on DVD. It stars Larry the Cable Guy. They thought they were being dropped in Iraq and they got dropped in Mexico. They didn't know the difference between the Mexican people and the Iraqi people. I've never seen 3 guys dumber than that.


It was okay. I didn't like it as much as the second one, or the first one. I really liked the one where they were climbing the mountain and Shrek was farting and the Donkey was behind him. The babies were adorable in this one. I give it an 8.

Spider-Man 3

This is one of the best ones that they've made. It was a little said, because one of the main characters got killed. I thought the last one was just okay.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Anthony Hopkins is in this one. You know how he is. I mean, he's scared me ever since he played Hannibal Lecter. But he knows how to play a movie. This movie was kind of a mystery. You have to go see it to know what happens. Sheila and I liked it. Don't take the kids.


This movie really kept you in suspense the whole time. You didn't know what was going to happen. Halle Berry plays in it. Did you know she tried to commit suicide 3 times? I didn't. I guess after the last time she thought, "What is wrong with me?" She plays a good role in the movie. It was NOT a good role for Bruce Willis. He usually plays a tough guy. In this, he was wimpy. I expect more out of him. I give it an 8. You will be really surprised.


Take The kids. That dog was so smart it was pathetic! When that dog was skateboarding, I likely came off my seat. Take my advice, this one is really, really good. I give it a 9.


Good picture. The movie has a good story. The little girl who plays in it is great. I didn't write her name down. This is a good movie for the kids. It'll make you cry, but it's still good for the kids. Well worth the time. Go see it. Or rent it.

Monday, March 19, 2007


I like Sandra Bullock, so I went to see this one. It was just okay. It was a mystery. Sometimes you got it, sometimes you didn't. You see, he'd die every day. She'd wake up and he'd be in the shower. It took him forever to die. He finally died in the end. She tried to stop him, she hollered at him, this truck came over the hill and slid into him. It ended kind of yucky. I gave it a six. You didn't know if he was dead or alive. I don't even think she knew what was going on.


If you want to see a very funny movie, see this one. It's got Tim Allen, John Travolta and Martin Lawrence in it. Oh God, was it was funny! Those guys were crazy. They did things that made you want to roll in the aisle. They were all going on vacation together. You know Tim Allen, he's funny. Martin Lawrence is normally a serious actor, but he's so funny in this. That John Travolta went dancing down the street like he did in Grease. It was just funny!


This movie had lots of action and suspense. Take the whole family. Billy Bob Thornton was great. I'm not much of a Billy Bob Thornton fan, but he was great. He built a rocket to go into outer space on his farm. And he went! He did it! He came back and survived. Everyone told him he couldn't do it, but he did it!


This was a good movie. Lots of action. Nicholas Cage plays in this one. Peter
Fonda looked great! I've been seeing a lot of old guys in movies these days. This movie was different. He made a deal with a devil, and he'd ride his motorcycle and he'd be on fire. It was somethin! It really kept you on the edge of your seat. i give it an 8 1/2 .


Oh God, what can I say? You must see this movie. It is heart-warming and makes you feel good. It will make you cry in some places. The kids would like it. The kids who played it were great. It's a little bit fairy tale. One of the best movies I've seen in a long time.


A must see movie. Don't let the title fool you. It was a little bit about God. The actress was quite good. Michael Landon Jr. directed, so you know what you're getting. I give it a 9.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


If you want to laugh, go see this one! It is so funny that you'll roll in the aisles. They gave it a "D" in the paper here. I went to see it anyway. Diane Keaton plays the mother. She was great. She's an overbearing mother who tries to run her daughters' lives. Then she meets the father of her daughter's boyfriend (played by the preacher from 7th Heaven). When she was caught having sex with him on the couch, I thought I'd die! Great movie. Go see it.


I liked it, even though it had subtitles! I can't read fast enough, but I got the gist of the movie. That Captain was a mean bastard. He'd just as soon shoot you in the head as look at you. It was different from other movies. It had a good ending. GUEST REVIEWER MARIAN'S DAUGHTER, PAT: I liked it, except for the subtitles. You know what I really liked? The original Labyrinth with David Bowie.


This was not one of Jennifer Garner's best pictures. I was disappointed in her. I'd wait until it comes out on video


This movie was really scary. It kept you on the edge of your seat. It really made you not want to go out at night and drive. Boy he was something else. Creepy. If you like scary movies, go see it. I give it a 7.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


It was a good movie. I didn't particularly like it, because it was subtitled. It had good acting. Those people really know how to kill. Rent this one. Save some money.