Sunday, February 25, 2007


If you want to laugh, go see this one! It is so funny that you'll roll in the aisles. They gave it a "D" in the paper here. I went to see it anyway. Diane Keaton plays the mother. She was great. She's an overbearing mother who tries to run her daughters' lives. Then she meets the father of her daughter's boyfriend (played by the preacher from 7th Heaven). When she was caught having sex with him on the couch, I thought I'd die! Great movie. Go see it.


I liked it, even though it had subtitles! I can't read fast enough, but I got the gist of the movie. That Captain was a mean bastard. He'd just as soon shoot you in the head as look at you. It was different from other movies. It had a good ending. GUEST REVIEWER MARIAN'S DAUGHTER, PAT: I liked it, except for the subtitles. You know what I really liked? The original Labyrinth with David Bowie.


This was not one of Jennifer Garner's best pictures. I was disappointed in her. I'd wait until it comes out on video


This movie was really scary. It kept you on the edge of your seat. It really made you not want to go out at night and drive. Boy he was something else. Creepy. If you like scary movies, go see it. I give it a 7.