Monday, May 22, 2006


You know, this was a real odd movie. It wasn't grabbing. It was boring. They tried to make it like Jesus had a bride. It didn't change my views on what I've learned in church. I didn't go there to change my views. It was just a movie. I wouldn't see it again.


The plane went down in the backyard of my home town. So I wanted to see this movie. I wanted to know if they got into the cockpit or not. It was a very tense movie. Very moving. When I came out, I was crying--because they all lost their lives. They were very brave people.


If you are really down in the dumps and looking for a funny movie, you have got to see this movie. I likely cracked up! It's very funny. Some of the things Robin Williams does in this movie, you can't believe. (ed. like?) They're in the damn mountains and he has this RV teeter-tottering, oh you just have to go see it.