Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Russel Crowe is in it. It was a really long movie. It was 148 minutes long. It was good. It's going to have another movie where he comes out as Robin Hood. He didn't come out as Robin Hood until the end. It lets you know it's going to have a sequel. Russel Crowe has really made some good movies lately. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. Well, it keeps you entertained anyhow. Take the kids!


That was the craziest movie I ever did see. I laughed my butt off. He's a big dog, he's a Great Dane. Oh God that was funny. It was about animals. I give it a 9. It had the cutest dogs and the cutest cats in it. The kids will love it. It's got all kind of animals in it. It was just so cute. They had dogs that thought they were better than the other dogs. I've never heard of that dog before. They say it's been in the funnies forever.


Go see it. Take the kids, they will love it. I give it an 8 1/2. It was a good Shrek. It really was.


That was REALLY good. Jake Gyllenhall is in that. I thought it was really great. I enjoyed it immensely. I gave it a 9 1/2. I think it's too grown up for the kids, Sis. It's a lot of fighting and killing and stuff. It's a lot of sword playing and all that crap. It was a good movie, don't get me wrong; I just don't think the kids should see it.


This is a great movie. It is beautiful scenery under the water. There are big fish, little fish. It's real interesting. It's got whales and everything. There's no speaking part in it, it's just about the creatures under the water. Pierce Brosnan narrarates it. Some of the things were just absolutely beautiful! This movie is really something. It was fantastic. It was a 103 minutes long, so it was a nice long one. I gave it a 9. The kids will love it.


Brendan Frasier is in it. It was so cute, it was pathetic. You should have seen them animals! They really did take care of those people. Brooke Sheilds and Dick Van Dyke were in it, too. When they pushed too far in, the animals took over and showed them who was who. I mean, they just made their world miserable. The kids will love it. The raccoon was really clever. If you want a funny movie go see it. I gave it a 9.


That was a great movie. Go see it. Robert Downey Jr., Mickey O'Rourke, Gweneth Paltrow, and Scarlet Johnson are in it. It was really good. The kids would really think it was great. I give it a 9. Robert Downey Jr. plays a good part any more. It was a typical Iron Man, you know. He puts on a big suit and he's Superman. And he walks around with the villains. Mickey O'Rourke was the villain. He played a good part. I liked it, I guess everyone else would too. It's typical, you know, like the kids like.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Go see it. It was really, really good. I gave it a 9. It was really good. It was funny!


This movie was something else! It had a naked guy on a roof. I mean he was stark-assed naked!! It was mayhem. You have to go see it to see what was going on. It was vulgar! Don't take the kids. It wasn't fit for them. I give it a 7. It was raunchy. It was an ok movie. I just really didn't care for the guy crawling up on the roof naked. I wouldn't have done it if it had been me. They couldn't have paid me enough money.


It was good! It is animated, you know that. It was a good movie. I gave it a 9. The kids will love it.


God, Miley Cyrus was good in that. It was a good movie. Go see it. Her father lived in this southern town. She was from New York City. It was just a bunch of stuff about her dad and her. You know. She was really good in it. You know, she quit Disney World. I give it 8 1/2.


I give it at 6 1/2, that's how bad it was! Oh God! I thought it was ridiculous. It didn't do nothing for me.


It was kind of weird. It was really weird. I wouldn't even go see it. I would rent it if you want to see it. It was kind of scary. It was about an asylum. I mean to tell you it was weird! You didn't know who was who and what was going on. It was just a nutty movie. It needed to be in an asylum! I'm serious!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I saw Percy Jackson. That's where his father was a thunderbolt or something. It was really good. I really enjoyed it. I went to see it Sunday and it was really, really good. It was about the different gods. It was a terrific movie. He tracks down whoever stole Zeus' thunderbolt. Go see it. It was really good. I give it a 9 1/2.


Oh God, you've got to go see this! It was hilarious! Duane Johnson plays in it. You know who he is right? He's that good looking black man. It was so funny. I give it a 9 1/2. Ashley Judd was good in it too. You can take the kids.


He was in the Special Forces. He was on a dangerous deployment. They were away from each other for 7 years. It was a good love story. It was sad. It's worthwile going to see, if you want to see it. I give it an 8.


Emma Roberts is Julie Roberts' niece. It was absolutely hilarious. I give it a 10. It was about people finiding love on Valentine's Day. It was just a great movie. It's a bit romantic. You could take a child, but not too young of a child.


Mel Gibson plays in it. Don't take the kids to see it! It was kind of scary. I give it an8 1/2. He went after these people who killed his daughter. And honey he didn't pull no punches. He'd just as soon kill 'em as look at 'em. Mel Gibson was good in that. I hadn't seen him play in a while.


Jeff Bridges plays in it. It was good. It was really funny. Jeff Bridges was wonderful in it. He played a good drunk. He could sing and everything! It had a real good story.I give it a 9.


It was a funny movie. You will laugh yourself to death! Jackie Chan was so funny. Take the kids. He lives next door to this lady. She has to go someplace and he has to take care of the kids for a while. He wanted her so badly he didn't know what to do with himself. It was a real unusual movie for Jackie Chan. It was good!


I gave it an 8 1/2. It was very interesting. Go. You'll like it.


It was very good. It really was. Robert Downey jr. played in it. It was a good movie. I give it a 9. Robert Downey Jr. has been playing some really good parts since he got on his feet. I like him, he's a great actor.


It is a dark movie. I wouldn't take the kids. He killed this little girl and her body never went to heaven. She just wandered around. It was okay, but it was too dark. Don't take the kids. It's nothing for them to see. I gave it a 7 1/2.


It was really good! The color in it was absolutely marvelous. And the way they flew through the air! I didn't go see it in 3D, and it was still great. It was out of this world! I give it a 10. Take the kids.


Oh that was a good movie. It was really good. I gave it a 9 1/2. It was so fun! Of course, you know, I like Alvin and the Chipmunks. The kids will just love it. It will keep them occupied.


It's funny. I gIve it a 7 1/2. It was good, but I just give it a 7 1/2. They had a restaurant. He's in bed and he has no clothes on; it's just a funny movie. It's about two people who were divorced. I don't like Alec Baldwin too much, but he's doing quite well. It was different.


This is about the little girl that was raped by her father. It was very good, but sad. I gave it an 8 1/2. It was good, but it wasn't as good as the one where the girl adopted the boy who was a football player. But it was a good movie.