Thursday, December 11, 2008


It was stupid! Sheila and I both came out of that movie shaking our heads and saying, "What the hell did we go see that for?" It really stunk. Don't go see it.


It was pretty good, for a vampire movie. It was suspenseful. I liked it!


That was another stupid movie. It stank. It was supposed to be funny but it wasn't really that funny. It was about a bunch of families that wouldn't stop fighting with each other. Kind of reminded me of us. It wasn't worth seeing. I'd give it a 60.

Monday, December 01, 2008


That's right, Marian aka Granny, is turning 80 on December 11th. Please send her a birthday wish via the comments on this page! She has no idea that anyone reads this thing. Granny has been taking me to movies since I was able to sit through one. We have seen everything from "The Shaggy D.A." to "The Return of the Pink Panther" to "Sixteen Candles" to "Porky's". Her selections then were just as random as they are today. I love her dearly and couldn't be happier that she's turning 80 and isn't even thinking of slowing down. She retired from Washington Regional this year, but has continued to travel and keep herself busy. She's a very special lady. I love you Granny!
One other note: I'll be running in an Arthritis Foundation Jingle Jog in honor of Granny who suffers from arthritis. The run is on December 14th. Feel free to pledge a few bucks if you have any to spare.


Oh, you have GOT to see this movie! It was 2 hours and 45 minutes long, but it was so good. I cried so much I used up 3 kleenexes. The little boy in that was beautiful. He was part aborigine, part white. He stole the show! If he doesn't win an Academy Award for this, nobody deserves it! They gave it a 77 in our paper, but I give it a 100-it was that good!


I went by myself; Sheila had something else to do that day. It's an animation cartoon about a white German Shepherd. John Travolta is the voice of the dog. It was really cute. I'd give it a 90.


I have met those dogs! The chihuahuas! Those dogs were on my plane when I came back from New Zealand. Their handlers have a place in Arkansas. That was a cute movie. The dogs talked. It wasn't animated, but the dogs talked. Take the kids.


It stars Angelina Jolene. It's the one about the boy who went missing. They tried to give her another boy. She knew it wasn't her son, but they kept saying it was her son. They put her in an institution. They drove her crazy. It went on for a long time before they found out it wasn't her boy. She (Angelina Jolene) played a good part. I heard she's gonna quit movies and spend time with her kids. I give it a 92.