Monday, April 20, 2009


It was a good movie, not a great one. It was funny. It was just funny. Sheila liked it too. It was really good. It was something different, let's put it that way. But go see it, or you can wait until it comes out and rent it.


Oh that was a good movie! You have to go see it! It kept you on the edge of your seat. It's about car racing. When I read about it in the paper, I thought they were going around the track. Honey, this was street racing! Honest to God. You held onto your seat, because you were right there with them. If you like action, boy it was good. Go see it. I gave it a 9 1/2. Vin Diesel was great in it. I love an action movie!


Let me tell you, please don't take your children. It was a lot of bad language. Every other word was "F." They drank. They were just kids! I just don't like that "F word." I gave it a 5 1/2. Sheila and I came out of it just shaking our heads.


This had Nicolas Cage and Rose Byrne. It was a real good movie. It kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time. i even had to hide my eyes, that's how bad it was (action-wise). It's a must see. I give it a nine. It was a thriller.


It stars Clive Owens and Julia Roberts. It was hard to keep up with. They went back and forth in time. It's hard to keep up with that crap. It takes you off guard. If it was me, I'd rent it, because you'll save some money. I didn't care for it much. I give it a 6.