Tuesday, November 13, 2007


It was good. It was very, very long. This is a true story about a boy who took his possessions and went to live in the wilderness. His mother and father never payed any attention to him. His mom was a real nice person. But they had him out of wedlock. It was hard on him. So he went to Alaska to live. He lived in a bus, and he'd take off from there. He went down the rapids to Mexico. He finally starved to death. They found his body on the bus. At least I think that's where they found his body. I had to leave to get to dinner. It was a very long movie. There was an old man who wanted to adopt him, cause he didn't have any family either. But he decided to go to Alaska. He'd hunt for food and it got so scarce, and he ate wild berries. He had a book to tell him which berries to eat. And he didn't know what he was doing, and he poisoned himself. He died in the wilds alone. So what did he gain? Nothing. He just made his family unhappy.

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