Monday, December 01, 2008


That's right, Marian aka Granny, is turning 80 on December 11th. Please send her a birthday wish via the comments on this page! She has no idea that anyone reads this thing. Granny has been taking me to movies since I was able to sit through one. We have seen everything from "The Shaggy D.A." to "The Return of the Pink Panther" to "Sixteen Candles" to "Porky's". Her selections then were just as random as they are today. I love her dearly and couldn't be happier that she's turning 80 and isn't even thinking of slowing down. She retired from Washington Regional this year, but has continued to travel and keep herself busy. She's a very special lady. I love you Granny!
One other note: I'll be running in an Arthritis Foundation Jingle Jog in honor of Granny who suffers from arthritis. The run is on December 14th. Feel free to pledge a few bucks if you have any to spare.


Stephanie said...

Ok, this is the best movie blog EVER. Just found it today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Julie said...

Have a wonderful 80th Birthday and keep those blog posts coming!!

Dawn's friend Julie

Phil said...

Happy Birthday!!! Your blog is a great contribution to movies and moviegoing. I hope you have a great 80th, and I look forward to more and more reviews.
Phil Morrison

The Snob said...

She may be turning 80, but I'll give Granny a 90! Happy Birthday, Granny. Come back to Brooklyn anytime -- we'll catch a matinee.

Mark & Liora & Azi

Creepy Senility said...

happy birthday granny! i hear 80 candles is a great sequel to 16 candles starring you as molly ringwald. we love you.

-dawn's friend amy

Sean said...

Happy Birthday Granny! Can't wait for your "Four Christmases" review!

Sean H.

beth said...

Happy Birthday Granny!! We'll be honoring you here in NYC by not seeing any movie twice unless it genuinely merits it! Happy happy day to you and keep the reviews coming!

-- Beth (dawn's friend and partner at Agoraphone)

amy said...

happy birthday!
love the blog- keep up the good work!

Portland, OR said...

Happy 80th Birthday, and thanks for such a great movie blog!!

Dawn's friend Chris

Liane said...

80? You barely look 28!
Happy Birthday, lady. You keep us entertained here at Agoraphone.

All the best,

Kathleen DuVal said...

Happy birthday, Granny! I love reading your reviews.
Kathleen, Marty, Quentin, & Baby Cal

SN said...

Happy Birthday Marian! Yours are the only movie reviews I trust!

Tara said...

Hey Granny!
Have a fantastic 80th. Are you going to see something to celebrate? I think you should. I love reading your reviews. You always get right to the point and I like that!
Tara (Dawn's friend)

Daniel said...

Hello! We have been reading your movie reviews for quite awhile now and enjoy each and every one! My wife and I are friends of Josh and Dawn, and our baby daughter, Sylvia, is one of Trixie's closest playmates. They are a cute couple of pals, to be sure! Happy 80th Birthday to you and best wishes!
Daniel London

Gilmore Tamny said...

I too have enjoyed your blog very much and am wishing you a glorious 80th birthday filled with adventure, relaxation, movies, presents and CAKE!!
Gilmore Tamny
p.s. you have a lovely granddaughter!

Jasmine said...

Hope you have a fabulous birthday! Love yur reviews!!
Jasmine (Agoraphone)

Mark said...

!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
i love your blog!